Someone who I use to have multiple phone calls with every day is starting to make me think they think I'm boring now because the calls stopped and they don't message me much anymore. What should I do

How do they make you think that you’re boring? I’m pretty sure they don’t think that way!

Sometimes conversations tend to cease but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to talk to you. It’s normal but you can always hit them up if you wanna talk to them :b

I doubt it’s anything bad but if you still do have the bad feeling, you can talk to them about it. I hope this helps~!

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豆しば 3/20: Peanut

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candy stripper baseball jacket ♡ spreepicky
use the code "ryeou" for a special discount


春待ち (by キコ)


chocolate for iPhone5 (ホワイト  ストロベリー  ブルーベリー  ミント)

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